Below are Answers to many Frequently Asked Questions.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

What is a Smart Bronze Airbrush Tan?
A Smart Bronze Airbrush Tan is a UV Free Sunless Tan.  A Smart Bronze Tanning Technician hand sprays each individual with a sunless tanning solution that will compliment their skin tone and tanning preferences.   Because it is administered by an individual artist, and not a booth or machine, the results are extremely personalized and natural looking.

Is a Smart Bronze Tan Safe?
A Smart Bronze Tan is Extremely Safe.  Sunless tan work with the outer layer of the skin only by using a colorless sugar called dihydroxyacetone (or DHA).  DHA reacts with the top layer of your skin to transform it to a golden bronze color.  DHA has been approved by the FDA for use in the cosmetic and sunless tanning industry for years.  Our state-of-the-art spray equipment eliminates most all overspray (overspray is the typical "cloud" you may find in a spray booth).

Do I Need to Wear Sunscreen after a Smart Bronze Tan?
Yes.  A Smart Bronze Tan is only a cosmetic tan. It contains no SPF protection. We recommend using an Oil Free Sunscreen to help protect the life of your tan.

What if I do not Tan in the Sun - Will I still tan with Smart Bronze?
Yes!  A Smart Bronze Tan was made especially for you!  We are able to customize our tanning formula to work with your specific skin tone to ensure you will have a healthy glow, and not an  unnatural looking tan... even on the fairest of skin tones.

How long will my Smart Bronze Tan Last?
Much like a fingerprint, each persons skin is unique. Many factors can influence how long your tan will last.  Given the science with how a sunless tan works, ALL sunless tans will usually last an average of 7 days.  For maximum staying power, we recommend you purchase our Tan Extending Lotion.  To maintain your tan year-round, ask us about our Monthly Airbrush Tanning Memberships.

Does it have a bad smell?
Our high-end tanning solutions have a wonderful smell, unlike most other sunless tanning methods.

How long will my Smart Bronze Appointment Last?
Please plan on a total of 30 minutes for your first appointment.  Subsequent appointments will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

What should I wear to my appointment?
During your spray tan, you are welcome to wear a swimsuit, underwear, or any other garments that you wish.  Many of our female clients chose to wear only a small pair of panties to minimize tan lines.  Male Clients must wear a dark color swimsuit, shorts or full coverage briefs.  You may want to consider wearing dark colors, as the initial cosmetic bronzer can rub off on clothing; however, it will easily wash out of most clothing, except nylon, spandex, and silk.

After your appointment, you should wear very loose fitting clothing that does not "rub" or fit tightly on the body.  Please wear flip-flip shoes or similar shoes to minimize rubbing on the feet.

How Should I prepare for my Smart Bronze Tan?
Please see our PreTan Prep page for detailed tips on preparing your skin for the most effective, longest lasting tan.